Matt Heckert, Mechanical Sound Orchestra
audio compact disc

order # CS-002

Compilation of recordings from performances in Europe and USA, 1992-1994

Released 3/95 by:
Catasonic Records

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Mechanical Sound Orchestra, Artspace
VHS tape (ntsc) 9 min.

order # MSO-01

The first MSO installation at SF Artspace Gallery
January 23-March 10,1990
Directed and edited by Leslie Asako Gladsjo

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Mechanical Sound Orchestra, Compilation
VHS tape (ntsc) 9:40

order # MSO-02

Footage from 8 performances in Germany, Austria, Poland, USA
Edited by Matt Heckert and Mark Wheaton

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Double Audio Cassette

Compilation of SRL soundtracks created by Matt Heckert 1983 to 1988

also : Greater Than One, Hunting Lodge, Human Head Transplant
Limited edition (1000) cassette tape released 1/88 by:
We Never Sleep, Denver, CO.

FEAR-POWER-GOD Birth of Tragedy Magazine

LP Record

Spoken Word/Graven Image Compilation including; Allen Ginsberg,
Anton La Vey, Charles Manson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lydia Lunch,
Jello Biafra, Matt Heckert.

Released 1987 by:
CFY Records
Box 6271 Stanford, California 94305

Johanna Went Live On Broadway

Audio Cassette

Live recording of soundtrack for Johanna Went performance on 8/21/82
at the ON BROADWAY THEATER in San Francisco, California
Soundtrack performed by Matt Heckert, Mark Wheaton, and Brock Wheaton.

Also included are three sound pieces by Matt Heckert.
Cassette tape released 1/83 by:
ARPH Tapes in Oakland, California