Performances and Sound Installations

"Activating the Medium" February 6, 2004
2 evening performances with "Chain Boxes" and "Rhumba"
SomArts, San Francisco

“Grind” November 14-December 6, 2003
Sound installation of 3 "Rotifiers" and "Rhumba" machine
RX Gallery 131 Eddy St San Francisco

“Centripetal Sound” March 14-20, 2003
Sound installation of 6 "Rotifiers"
San Diego State University, Studio C

“Birds” August 27-November 6, 1999
Sound installation of 26 "Birds" for the “Sounds Like Art” exhibition
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California

Performances with Mechanical Sound Orchestra

"Mechaninio Garso Orkestras" May 12-15, 1999
4 performances
KOPA Festival
Klaipeda, Lithuania

"Activating the Medium" February 6,1999
One evening performance at the Interact Theater, Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, California

"Flying At Sound" October 3-10.1998
7 performances
Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival
Oslo, Norway

"Mechanical Sound Orchestra" September 12,1997
One evening performance
ARS Electronica Festival
Linz, Austria

"Mechanical Sound Orchestra" October 18-28,1996
3 performances
Kampnagle Theater,
Hamburg, Germany

"Mechanical Sound Orchestra" September 27-28,1996
2 evening performances
Muffat Halle
Munich, Germany

"Metal Spine" August 23-September 7,1996
2 week installation with 3 performance
during "SONAMBIENTE- Festival for Eyes and Ears"
Sound arts festival celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Berlin Academie der Kunst
Berlin, Germany

"HORSE ON LAVA Part II"November 16-19,1995
Demonstration of 2 sound machines during the symposium
"Spektakel-Kultur-Tourismus" sponsored by
Oberösterreichische Kultur Vermerke
Pavilion an der Esplanade
Gmunden, Austria

1 Performance
Workshops "Solvay"
Krakow, Poland

September 7-10,1995
Installation with 3 evenings of performance
Collaboration with Sam Auinger, Bruce Odland, and Contained
Palais Xtra
Zurich, Switzerland

"MASCHINENKLANG" October 6-8, 1994
3 Evenings of Performance at
Marstall Theater
Munich, Germany

September 11-17, 1994
2 evening performances
Sponsored by Phoenix Organization
Den Hauge, Holland

"As of Now" August 16-31,1994
Sound installation and performance
From the program "Zeitgleich" sponsored by Transit
Kunsthalle Tirol
Hall in Tirol, Austria

July 15-17,1993
Installation and performance
Kunst Halle Krems
Krems, Austria

"SYNESTHETICS: Stimulation & Simulation"
June 16-18,1993
Installation and performance
V2 Organization
Den Bosch, Holland

"Mechanical Sound Orchestra" September 14 - November 22, 1992
Installation and performance series in the "Off The Wall Series"
University Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
University of California Berkeley

"Mechanical Sound Orchestra" June 5-June 27,1992
Installation and performance series
Germans Van Eck Gallery
New York, New York

"Horse on Lava" March 18,1992
One evening performance in the series"Performing Bodies and Smart Machines Series"
Whitney Museum of American Art at Phillip Morris
New York, New York

"LOW TECHNOLOGY: Artist Made Machines"
July 3- Aug 12,1990
2 evening performances on July 3&5
Center on Contemporary Art

"Tinkerer's Weekend"
April 27-28,1991
2 days of performances
San Francisco, California

"Mechanical Sound Orchestra"
January 23- March 10,1990
6 week installation and performance series
Artspace Gallery
San Francisco, California

Group Exhibitions

"Sounds Like Art" August 27- November 7, 1999
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, CA

"Interiors" October 8- November 14, 1998
Catherine Clark Gallery
San Francisco, CA

"Reverberations: Sculpture and Installations with Sound" March 4- April 1, 1994
Installation and demonstration
Spaces Gallery
Cleveland, Ohio

"Outside the Frame: Performance and the Object"
A Survey History of Performance Art in the USA since 1950

Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art-Cleveland, Ohio February 11-May 1, 1994
Snug Harbor Cultural Center-Staten Island, NY February 26-June 18,1995

"THE NATURE OF THE MACHINE: An Exhibition of Kinetic and Biokinetic Art" April 3- May 30,1993
Video tape shown during exhibition
Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago, Illinois

CRASH GRAND PRIX March 9/10,1990
Outdoor performance with artist"s vehicle/robots
during the Phoenix/Iceberg Grand Prix
CRASHarts Icehouse
Phoenix, Arizona

Group show of Bay Area artists dealing with robotics/science fiction

S.F.Arts Commission Gallery June 5-30, 1984
San Francisco, California

Clock Tower NY,NY Sept. 27-Oct. 28, 1984

Otis Parsons Art School Gallery (date unknown)
Los Angeles, California